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The Need for More Justice

Posted on: April 18, 2009


            The author mentioned something about moral tradition which developed the concept of rights, autonomy and justice is the same tradition that provided justifications The author mentioned that there is a clear difference between saying that someone has a right to do something in this sense and saying that it is the right thing for him to do or that he does no wrong in doing it. Someone may have the right to do something that is wrong for him to do.


            It was said that conservatives and liberals do agree that sometimes a man does not do the wrong thing to break a law, when his conscience so requires. 


            I think that in this chapter it points out that one must know their rights. And not everything that is for us will do well for us is a right thing to do. Sometimes things that we think that is right for us are not always right in the eyes of many. We should do right things based on what is right for many and not just what will benefit us.


Justice as fairness said by the author begins. He said with one of the most general of all choices which person might make together. Our social situation is just if it is such that by this sequence of hypothetical agreements we would have contracted into the general system of rules which defines it.

            He also said that in working out the conception of justice as fairness one main task clearly is to determine which principles of justice would be chosen in the original position.  One feature of justice as fairness is to think of the parties in the initial situation as rational and mutually disinterested.

            The author said also that it is clear for her that the best moral theory has to be a cooperative product of women and men, has to harmonize justice and care.


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